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Aziz Turkoglu
Aziz Turkoglu is a mycology professor, currently Affiliate Professor at University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. He operates Alpine Truffle, LLC as a truffle specialist.


My background includes over 15 years of experience with funded research projects on plant-mycorrhizal fungi interactions. My work to initiate, plan and manage large-scale truffle trials is based on studying truffle cultivation internationally in Turkey, Italy, France, Sweden, and the USA. I organized the “Truffle Application and Research Center” at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University where I applied experience in producing plants for truffle orchards, created a plant nursery for producing truffle plants inoculated with Périgord, established, and managed several successful large-scale cultivation trials, and encouraged local farmers to use a scientific base with which to establish truffle orchards. With this, I have created a large and dynamic international truffle research network, attracted media attention, raised awareness of truffle orchards for sustainable forest ecosystem, taught many undergraduate and graduate truffle students, presented, and published results, and started a new truffle business. Currently, I conduct truffle research at the University of Washington and I operate Alpine Truffle, LLC.

I am very excited to participate in the planning project US Department of Agriculture, Specialty Crops Research Initiative proposal titled "Truffle Research and Production Initiative (TRAPI)" by North American Truffle Grower Association (NATGA). I believe that scientific collaboration on truffle production research in scientific and practical applications is much needed to enhance investor success.

Aziz Turkoglu is with James M Trappe
Aziz Turkoglu with turffle tree
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