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Company Profile

Alpine Truffle, LLC is a family company, proficient in truffle cultivation to improve truffle industry– locally, nationally, and globally. Founded by mycologist Aziz Turkoglu, we are producing truffle inoculated plants, establishing, and managing truffle orchards. We offer consultancy, examining, and reporting root sampling for truffle farmers, and giving courses, lectures, and seminars for the truffle enthusiast as professional and hobbyist.
Family picture Alpine Truffle

As a licensed nursery business, Alpine Truffle, LLC has been producing inoculated truffle trees by its own developed methods since 2017. The inoculation of host oak trees done Alpine Truffle, LLC through sterile lab technique is aligned with clean plant production standards, which WSDA supports and encourages.

Alpine Truffle, LLC has established its own truffle orchards by planting its own inoculated plants since 2018 and manage them in the US.

Alpine Truffle, LLC has organized regular free introductory seminar on truffle growing and managing truffle orchards. First Introductory seminar took place on Sunday, October 15, 2017 at the University of Washington Bothell. Seminar series has been continued periodically through Truffle Growing Meetup Group for Professionals and Hobbyists.

Alpine Truffle, LLC would like to contribute and influence the growth of this industry by sharing its knowledge and experience via introductory seminar series, lectures, and workshops.

Alpine Truffle, LLC would like to raise awareness and knowledge of this high in demand yet rarely cultivated industry. Subsequently Alpine Truffle, LLC offer farmers consultation on how to set up and manage their own truffle orchards.

As mycorrhizal fungi, wild truffles are forest health indicator, food source for wild animals so we need to keep wild truffles sustainable for healthy ecosystem. Instead of overhunting wild truffle, Alpine Truffle, LLC is dedicated to make people grow their own truffles.

Truffle Trees photo from above
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